Work at Al Seeb

Our philosophy is “people first” which ensures that our commitment focuses on satisfied customers, motivated employees and positive impact on the community at large. Our experienced management team continually strategizes, executes and monitors each project within the sphere of residential projects, hotels, shopping malls and warehouses. Through excellence and innovation, we ensure that our core values agree with our human resources as well.

The work environment at Al Seeb is highly motivated and opens avenues for career growth. Our aim is to encourage a sense of oneness and team spirit with a positive energy amongst all employees. With regular training, activities and events, we support out employee’s skill development and a holistic growth.

We look for leaders who think, act and execute changing challenges into opportunities. With a belief that each brick contributes equally to a building, the passion of each team member counts equally towards the progress of the organization. To be a part of Al Seeb, please email your resume to